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2015 – Let Your Words Soar. Let Them Have Weight. Let Them Matter.

Can you believe it. Everett Poetry Nite is beginning its 10th year of bring local, national and internationally recognized poets to our stage. We believe it is important to showcase a wide range of talented poets, with the hope that they will inspire all in attendance to become better writers encompassing a wider range of subjects.

For those whose intent is purely to listen, and there have been many of you – by exposing you to a wide range of voices, we trust the experience deepens your appreciation of the written word. That words are given added life through their oral presentation.

That being said, what makes Everett Poetry Nite hum, what makes it feel like family, is our core poets who share their work during the open mic segments every Thursday throughout the year (except Thanksgiving – damn that bird). You share your heart and soul with us. You make us laugh and cry. You make us think and feel deeply.

Part of what makes Everett Poetry Nite what it is, is its venue. Cafe Zippy’s has been a fine home for us since 2006 and we look forward to continuing this relationship for many more years. Remember, by supporting Cafe Zippys you keep the doors open, which keeps the mic turned on and the words flowing.

It has been thrilling to see some of our core members: Emma Biachi, ‎Lauri Langston, and Renee Roman Nose put chapbooks together and feature on our home stage. It was great to see Emma take the next step and feature up at Bellingham’s PoetryNight. When this happens, we, this family of raggedy poets, are thrilled to see one of our own spread their wings.

{ Emma will be Featuring at Everett Poetry Nite again this July, when she unveils her second chapbook.}

Edit Tuesdays

In late 2014 we saw the launch of Edit Tuesdays. A gathering of writers interested in editing their poetry and short stories. For those new to editing, it was and is, a brutal birth process, but one well worth taking. It has continued to grow and find interested participants. It has also become more than simply editing. People are coming to write and discuss poetry short stories and novels. They are sharing the beauty of language they have come across. It is an environment of creativity, inspiration and making ones work the best it can be. To loosely  steal from Faulkner – it is the place babies are killed. Or to put it another way, a rose growing where it does not belong is simply a weed.

Welcome to 2015 – I trust it will be another amazing year.


Our first show of 2015 takes place January 8, 2015

Our scheduled feature, Jennifer Haggerty, has had to cancel due to illness. She will be replaced by Heather Osborn, a poet who runs the gamut from being hilarious to serious. She is moving to the east coast in a month, so catch her before she departs.

Mark your calendars now….

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