Jamie Marlow Features at Everett Poetry Nite 1.22.15

Musical Guest: Eden Amy

Eden is a  singer songwriter who has opened for us once a month at Everett Poetry Nite through 2014.

From her web bio:
My mom tells me I first started composing songs at the age of 3. When I didn’t’ get my way, I would burst into mournful song. In my family this became known as “Eden’s Lament.”

I’ve done everything from competitive ice skating to modern dance. But my passion lies in music. I began playing the guitar at the age of 9. Although I’ve had some formal training I am mostly self taught. I also play the piano and had a brief affair with the violin.

Like many young women these days I suffer media induced poor self image. My songs are a reflection of the me I see and who I want to be.

Featured Poet:  Jamie Marlow

Jamie Marlow is a gaylien/human hybrid hailing from an ammonia tank stockyard train track nestled into the corn country of central Illinois. She believes her vivid imagination and extreme paranoia, which fuel her writing, are a result of adolescent ammonia induced hallucinations and the blunt force trauma of being knocked out by too many expectations. She is all allergy AND histamine blocker; can lift your spirits, but not your heavy boxes because the only thing she’ working out is her heart. Her attempts at humor are endearing at most, because she is not funny or clever. But she is real and she tries hard. One year ago she moved to Seattle, Washington and is currently suffering from culture shock and over stimulation; this has elevated her poetry status from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship”. Most notably, she is the reigning Seattle Poetry Slam Iron Poet and has qualified to compete in Women of the World Finals Slam where she will compete against the most badass of Seattle’s female identified poets for a chance to represent our fine city in Albuquerque, NM for WOWPS 2015! In her down time or between slam rounds she recruits heads of hair to cut so that she can pay her bills because she’ s not romantic enough to write by candle light.



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