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Bellingham’s Dee Dee Chapman performs 3.5.15

Musical Guest: Tanner

Featured Poet: Dee Dee Chapman 

Dee Dee Chapman is a Pacific Northwest transplant who studies Creative Writing at Western Washington University. Bellingham, Washington has been her home for six years, the longest time she’s stayed in one place. She is a cinephile and her favorite animal is the Megalodon shark of prehistoric times.


“Dee Dee Chapman strips herself to show us ourselves–she writes nakedly to teach us how to bare our own innards, and when she re-opens her wounds, we bleed with her. We give her our wrists with pleasure.”

– Erica Reed


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Thom Davis 2.26.15

Musical Guest:  Keylin Mayfield

Well, I make rhythmic, melodic sounds that kind of resemble songs with a guitar shaped box and strings. And I play anywhere I can, mostly around Snohomish and King county. You can find my sounds on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Featured Poet: Thom Davis

Thom Davis, from Tacoma, lives in Bellingham, WA now. Thom is an avid photographer and all around outdoorsy guy. He is educated in the arts of Geology and Geography, and makes his career as an Environmental Consultant – cleaning up the Earth, one dirty hole at a time.

Thom sits on the Board of Directors for poetrynight and often hosts the weekly Monday night reading. His interest in poetry began while Thom was in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and took a poetry class at his local community college. Thom was convinced he could write a Norse Saga in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet. Well, he tried. Recently, Thom discovered the haven of poetrynight in Bellingham. He began attending and sharing Haiku written about the world he saw while hiking and roaming the woods of WA State. That soon turned into a Monday night ritual for Thom, and his words started to become more diverse in form and resonance. The community of poets at poetrynight helped encourage him to grow. This is the first of what will likely be many chapbooks. Look for a Sonnet and Haiku book soon.

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Featured Poet: Thomas Hubbard ~ 2.19.15


Musical Guest: David Johnson

David was born in Everett, Washington and was adopted by Duane and Marlene Johnson within 24 hours of his arrival. Though he has never met his birth mother, he was told that her grandfather was involved in a symphony orchestra. Perhaps one day he will find her and inquire more about the musical history in the family.
He has been involved in music since a very young age. In elementary school he often had solos in musical programs and plays, as well as taking choir for a year. Starting piano lessons in third grade, David continued learning for six years. Due to his frustration with mathematics and a seeming predisposition to playing intuitively by ear, he quit taking lessons by freshmen year of high school.
In 2003 while doing some housecleaning, he found his father’s guitar tucked in the extra bedroom closet. His dad agreed to let him have it if he would play it. It was then that he started songwriting; his journey of self-discovery has since been mapped out and preserved through his songs.

Featured Poet: Thomas Hubbard

Thomas Hubbard

Thomas is a poet who wanders the country, passing through the northwest a few times a year. His words carry the  power of truth. He has been featured on KSER’s program Poets West.. He has two books of poetry out: Nail and other hardworking poems 3rd edition ( the first edition came out in 1994) and Injunz released 2007/2008.

Thomas returns to us, this time reading poems from his new book: Poems In A Foreign Language.

He recently said, “It’s an honor for me to announce publication of my chapbook, Poems In A Foreign Language, published by Foothills Press as one of the Re-Matriation Series of indigenous poetry, edited by Susan Deer Cloud, a Catskill Métis Indian of Mohawk, Blackfoot and some Seneca lineage. This collection of my work addresses the reality of eastern mixed-bloods (like myself). It is available from Foothills ~ …  My thanks to Susan, and to Barbara Alice Mann, professor at the University of Toledo and writer of many scholarly works about the eastern tribes.”

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February 12 – Denny Sorentino

Musical Guest: Farrah Nuff

Featured Poet: Denny Sorentino

Everett Poetry Nites answer to Jim Morrison – our poet.musician who loves love will bare his soul and a little more

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February 5th: Spike Daeley AKA The Return of Professor Cream Puff. Need we say more?

Musical Guest: Tanner B.

2013 Photo by Gary Wade

Featured Poet: Spike Daeley

AKA The Return of  Professor Cream Puff.

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