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Tara Hardy Presented by Everett Poetry Nite April 2, 2015


Musical Guest: Tanner B.

Featured Poet: Tara Hardy

Tara Hardy is the working class queer femme poet who founded Bent, a writing institute for LGBTIQ people in Seattle, WA. She is the author of “Bring Down the Chandeliers,” published by Write Bloody Press in 2011, and is the current writer-in-residence at Richard Hugo House. Tara is the 2011 recipient of the Washington Poets Association Burning Word Award and was elected Seattle Poet Populist in 2002. Tara has performed on seven final stages during various National Poetry Slam competitions and has been the Seattle Grand Slam Champion three times. Currently, Tara tours the U.S. as a poet, performer, keynote speaker and teaching artist. A daughter of the United Auto Workers and activist in anti-violence movements, Tara views art as a tool for social change. She holds an MFA from Vermont College.


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Join us for John Burgess who reads from his new book – “By Land,” on 3.26.15


Musical Guest: Keylin Mayfield

Well, I make rhythmic, melodic sounds that kind of resemble songs with a guitar shaped box and strings. And I play anywhere I can, mostly around Snohomish and King county. You can find my sounds on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Featured Poet: John Burgess

John, whose new book “by Land…” a riff on the Journals of Lewis & Clark, releases Feb. 28 from Ravenna Press. Copies will be available for $10 that evening.

Ravenna is excited to announce, a bit belatedly, John Burgess’ new book, “by Land…”, his fourth collection from Ravenna Press, a multi-voiced re-experiencing of the land voyage of Lewis & Clark. The book follows a narrative arc based on his intersections with the historic trail they forged. The work is a collage of poems, handwritten lists, typewriter poems, cartoons (aka graphic poems), a memoir in 10 fragments, maps and reassembled texts that riff on the Journals.

John Burgess first intersected with the Lewis & Clark Trail at Three Forks in 1978 when working as the third man on a three-man survey crew in the Gallatin Valley of Montana. Since then, he has explored major sites along the trail from St. Louis to Fort Mandan and from Fort Clatsop to Lolo Pass, and has read the complete Journals of Lewis & Clark.


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Featured Poet: Robinson Bolkum w/ Vanessa Pepoy

Robinson Bolkum

…. and next week we will continue our tale with ….
Our favorite storytelling poet and Semi-regular Everett Poetry Nite participate.  Robinson has one of the most unique poetic voice in the NW – or poetry anywhere.

He asked if he could share the stage with a friend whose poetic voice he admire. We said sure.

Displaying V Pepoy.jpg

Vanessa Pepoy

Friend of Robinson Bolkum (from when the two
of them were selected as poets for a Frye Art Museum
reading, a decade ago) Vanessa Pepoy is a discerning observer
of humans & other contradictions. Her own work speaks
for itself, & her strength of presentation speaks
well for poetical colleagues she’s kindly
representing here tonight. There
are honors & accolades one
could mention, but they
wouldn’t make you
like her less
or more.

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Musical Guest: Eden Amy

My passion lies in music. I began playing the guitar at the age of 9. Although I’ve had some formal training I am mostly self taught. I also play the piano and had a brief affair with the violin.

Like many young women these days I suffer media induced poor self image. My songs are a reflection of the me I see and who I want to be.

My mom tells me I first started composing songs at the age of 3. When I didn’t’ get my way, I would burst into mournful song. In my family this became known as “Eden’s Lament.”

Featured Poet: NO One This Week. We will have an extended open mic.  

Our featured poet was suppose to be Lex Cross, unfortunately life has required him to be in another state the night of hos feature. We will try and reschedule.

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