Featured Poet: Robinson Bolkum w/ Vanessa Pepoy

Robinson Bolkum

…. and next week we will continue our tale with ….
Our favorite storytelling poet and Semi-regular Everett Poetry Nite participate.  Robinson has one of the most unique poetic voice in the NW – or poetry anywhere.

He asked if he could share the stage with a friend whose poetic voice he admire. We said sure.

Displaying V Pepoy.jpg

Vanessa Pepoy

Friend of Robinson Bolkum (from when the two
of them were selected as poets for a Frye Art Museum
reading, a decade ago) Vanessa Pepoy is a discerning observer
of humans & other contradictions. Her own work speaks
for itself, & her strength of presentation speaks
well for poetical colleagues she’s kindly
representing here tonight. There
are honors & accolades one
could mention, but they
wouldn’t make you
like her less
or more.


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